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Wisteria Farms

All Natural Vegetarian Fed Brown Chicken Eggs

Delicious, all natural, large brown eggs from happy, healthy chickens at Wisteria Farms.

Fresh Cherry Tomatoes

Picked Fresh from the garden these cherry tomatoes are full of flavor. Cherry tomatoes are great for salads, freezing...

Fresh Grown Catnip

Straight from farm Catnip. This product can be dried and used for some of the most desired, relaxing tea that has...

Fresh Okra

Fresh cut okra. These are good for any method of cooking (fried, roasted, gumbo and more) as well as pickling and...

Fresh Picked Mustard Greens

Fresh from the Farm Mustard Greens have a wonderful one of a kind taste. These leafy greens are typically enjoyed...

Fresh Tomatoes

Fresh Picked Tomatoes

Fresh Tomatoes

A Wisteria Farms tradition is our tomatoes, which have been grown on our Farm for over 60 years. We have several...

Half Runner Beans

Fresh Picked Half Runners Green Beans. The best of the best.

Half Runner Green Beans

Fresh Picked Green Beans

Rattlesnake Half Runner Beans

Fresh picked Rattlesnake Half Runner Green Beans. A favorite across the South, Rattlesnake is a full-flavored bean...

Small New Potatoes

Freshly dug potatoes that are smaller in size but are more flavorful than larger potatoes. These potatoes virtually...

Sourwood Blend Honey

The best of the best, the world renowned sourwood, with a little wildflower in the mix, fresh off the hive, from bees...

Spring Honey

Fresh from the hive Spring/Early Summer Honey. This honey has that wonderful clover taste with spring wild flowers in...

Summer Squash

Everyone's favorite and a Southern Tradition. Fresh from the Farm.

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